Monika at Orange Julep Wednesdays

Monika's been this new explosive friend I met a while back off on a chalet weekend with a bunch of other cool friends. She tends to describe herself as a young woman with an old soul. I tend to agree mostly. Whether is it looking at old cars or listening to Led Zeppelin to paying over a hundred dollars for a Guns'n'Roses concert, the idea of absorbing such arts lights her up. Over the summer, she and I went on various outings to seize every moments of it. 

The upcoming photo series with her are a document of the energetic emotive amplification that occurred between each other.

series taken with Coolpix A, D750, Nikkor AF-S 28mm 1.8g, Zeiss Planar 50mm 1.4 ZF2, Zeiss Planar 85mm 1.4 ZF2.

Yannick Khong12 Comments