Yes I shoot weddings too

I started photography by documenting awesome things around me. It helped me learn about finding the magic in everything, thanks to the movie cashback. I recorded everything I wanted to remember from friends outings to concerts to lone walks to travels. That is why I started loving photography. My street photography practice (then and now still) helped me a lot to recognize decisive moments to capture.

I’ve been shooting weddings since I got a dSLR seven years ago sometimes as lone photographer, sometimes with someone or assisting someone. Flash forward to today, an event agency sends me around a few hundred corporate events small to stadium size.


I've always been told by other artist photographers that it's a sin to show off this kind of photography to people as it might affect people's image towards me and pigeon hole me into one particular style. For a while, I didn't find a proper way of announcing or handling it. Yet I realize that image is non-existent when you start. It's best to show what you are good at and so, I am good at photographing weddings through the way I document other things as well.

I shouldn't be ashamed that my style caters to applications that can make people relive moments the way I relive mine.

Therefore, here is it: www.love-yk.com represents a site of love and union that showcases how I believe they should be showcased.

I've been very fortunate and grateful to have a large crowd of friends of various ethnics and cultures supporting me by asking me to immortalise their weddings before the creation of this website. I love you guys. This is a victory of all of us as it has always been.

Please enjoy it.

Yannick KhongComment