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2010 - Concordia University Year One

2010 - Concordia University Year One

I remember back in my early days of university how awesome it was to put photos on a wall. Feels like living in your world. Having inspiration just by disconnecting from your current work and travelling into the print.

2012 - Concordia Year Two

2012 - Concordia Year Two

I since then shot and processed a multitude of images I wanted to put on walls. Some of them diamonds still linger inside my flickr cave of wonders, other just have obviously become solid rocks. While it would be very hard to review my past gallery. I would love to share the printing experience with all of you without killing anybody's wallet. If there's any special requests, I'd gladly take part in making them possible. :)

While finding a way to put my images on your wall through various sites who handle printing and shipping, I have discovered some printing options that could benefit everyone:

  • Poster print: It's the affordable option. Gives you a great print at a great price on a thin paper made to be taped on a wall. God knows if you try this with other thicker paper, your print will just fall off or require an investment in a frame.
  • Photographic print: It's the option that carries most of the intention of the photographer. Since it's printed by light jet on a Kodak Endura photo sensitive paper, it contains all the original resolution and detail of the photograph. It's also the one that has better resistance to time as the paper is of better rigidity.
  • Framed print: The option that glorifies the image. Thick wooden borders with white or black around direct the eye towards the image and give it a deep, distinctive feel. It also gives breathing room to the image, therefore makes it much more alive than just a print. It is also most likely to be expensive.

In the end of it all, my current goal is to work towards sharing my images with you and make them jump out of the screen and onto a wall. If you require other higher-quality options, I shall consider another format of printing. For now, I'm just updating you on the search and hope you are as excited as I am.


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