Hamburger Chronicles

The Hamburger Chronicles

I really enjoyed this street style shoot with my friend Gabi. We wanted to use this sweatshirt of junkfood ever since our first shoot together back in march 2015, but it didn't belong to what we were trying to achieve then (more on that later). Summer passed by so very quickly thx to all the workload I had in professional photography and we finally managed to align the stars in order to bring this project to an end.

The source material draws highly on this other photography idol of mine called SamAlive who practiced his craft in NYC and Taiwan with strong identity before his foray into Pacific-North-West. What drew me towards his style was how he was able to carry movement through a skillful vision of available light reading and location choices.

Started this shoot with a lens specialized for its thin depth of field rendition. Since I wished to enhance her presence and chemistry into her surroundings, later switched for a lens that provided more context, vivacity and tri-dimentionnality on the photographs in order to capture Gabi's high energy.